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  • Salvage
  • Ranking System
  • Assignable AI behaviors for each minion
  • Build, save and load armies via the Operations Editor (OpEd)
  • Keep growing your armies making them ever stronger and stronger
  • Enhancement system (temporary enhancements for minions)
  • Gain War Points to enhance player bases and drones
  • Upgrade/Abilities systems (permanent upgrades to all minions and bases)


  • Player Lobby
  • 8 Teams per map
  • One GENEI (or RTS commander) and up to 7 FPS pilots per team
  • 240 minions per map

Jarvis ``like`` AI

Alien Labs is planning to add a JARVIS like AI to MOS. Of course, our AI will not be able to create it's own concepts as JARVIS seems to in the movie, but, we can get it to respond to questions, and general conversation, in very interesting ways. At times, the AI may actually seem alive! We'll be putting together another video, to explain our determination. Look for it...

Check out all of our videos to see how the game is progressing!

We're updating
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These are just some of the mech's and weapons you'll see and love in MOS. Customizing your mech has never been easier; in no time you'll be well on your way to playing with your own style.

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