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We are moving down a new road! We are seeking to blaze a trail in video game distribution, by giving away our video games and downloadable content, for free. We’ll use a new method to generate revenue and make games more accessible to all. We are going to use crypto currency mining technology, and integrate it with games! As you know, the best graphics accelerator cards (GPU’s) also make the best mining cards.

Alien Labs is marrying this technology, to bring you games for free. It also supports the company without an exchange of money. Imagine never paying for a video game, or, in game content again!

Simply adjust the mining power you want to use while you’re playing the game, and generate tokens that are spendable in the game store. The more you play, the more tokens you get. Crank up the mining power when you’re not playing the game, to get a boost of game tokens for the store!

Never Pay for a Game Again

Playing as GENEI

GENEI is certainly the definition of “cynical.” He is extremely dangerous and most unapproachable, and lives to enact the throes of war. He is not without compassion, although. For his kind, he gives the best. Only the best materials are used to construct his beloved minions; his children. He teaches them well, infusing them with the highest of experiences and tactical data.

But make no mistake, when his minions are ready, he will set them forth in pounding hoards. Beloved as they are, he will unleash his minions to do his bidding. Conquering all that can be had, and destroying all that cannot.

Playing as GENEI, you will construct your minions as you dare. You will train them with the best tactics and you will feel the pain of their death. But fear not! As GENEI, you have the power to bring the dead back to life and make the weak strong!

What kind of GENEI will you be?