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Alien Labs is seeking investment to help create the next big thing in the PC gaming market. Imagine if you could tell game players they never had to pay for a video game, or, in game content again. Imagine if it were true… It is! Please see the video, to understand how this works.

This is going to be controversial in the gaming community, as the understanding of how this technology works will have to be instilled in the new generation of players. It’s a brave undertaking and will require some brave investors.

Get the video here: Investor Video

You’ll see a request for access screen after clicking on the “Investor Video” link. I’ll get an email asking to grant you access. As soon as I see it, I’ll grant the access.

Please see the video here as well:

Please contact me directly if you need more information or have questions:

Jerry Waugh 256.227.8591

[email protected]